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How to maintain your Upholstery/Home Furnishings


After spending a considerable amount of time shopping for couches, loveseats or living room chairs, the last thing you want to see is your furniture looking dirty, wrinkled and anything less than new looking. The secret to keeping your home furnishings looking just as good as the day you purchased them is just a little bit of maintenance. Spending just a few minutes each week really pays off with beautiful furniture that looks great.

Tips for Maintaining Home Furnishings

Fluffing Furniture

Furniture like loveseats or couches are often made with soft cushions that need to be regularly fluffed to keep their shape. Just use your hands to push, poke and prod cushions back into their original shape like you do to fluff pillows on a bed. Stiffer cushions don’t require as much fluffing. Fluff all cushions every couple of days.

Flipping Cushions

Most people forget about flipping their cushions over so they’ll wear more evenly every couple of weeks. This makes a huge difference in maintaining the overall condition of a couch for example.

Couches with detached cushions are the easiest to maintain. However, you can still flip attached cushions by unzipping the bottoms and turning the inside cushion over.

If you have a couch with three or four cushions, switch the cushions around to make sure they wear evenly. Most cushions in the center of a couch are rarely used and receive the least amount of wear, so it’s important to keep those switched around with the other cushions.

Sunlight/Stain Protection

Moving furniture around in your living room or family room now and then keeps the room looking fresh and it helps to protect upholstery from the damaging rays of the sun. The fabric on furniture pieces left sitting in the sun day after day can easily be damaged and it does not last as long.

Investing a few dollars in stain protection is a great way to prevent stains on your favorite furniture pieces.


No one wants to sit on dirty furniture. In fact, if you let dust build up on the cushions, tops and sides of your furniture, it will wear out faster than clean furniture. Dust settling on furniture eventually works its way into the fabric fibers much like sandpaper where it grinds and wears on the fabric.

Use a hand vacuum or vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust every couple of weeks.
Professional Cleaning

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned annually is a good idea. Regularly deep-cleaning to remove dirt and allergens will keep furniture looking and feeling good for years to come.
Keep your furniture looking great by fluffing, flipping cushions,vacuuming and professionally cleaning.