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What steps should I take to maintain carpet in a high-traffic area on a daily basis, and to deal with spills and stains?


Place Doormats near Doorways

The wall-to-wall carpeting in your home has high-traffic areas that are more susceptible to damage from dirt. These areas include entryways near doors and pathways leading to kitchens. You will notice that the fibers of the high-traffic areas begin to look dingy and flatter quickly unless you take action to protect the carpets. To protect the high-traffic areas of a carpet, place doormats near exterior doorways to collect mud and debris from everyone’s shoes.

Use Carpet Runners in a Home

For additional protection, place another doormat inside the doorway or select a carpet runner instead. Carpet runners are available in color-matching fibers or you can select a decorative one with a border of flowers. It is also possible to find vinyl carpet runners that are made of clear, neutral or colorful materials. If you choose vinyl carpet runners, then make sure to select nonslip materials to help prevent falls after rainy and snowy weather.

Create a Mudroom for Footwear

Nonslip vinyl runners are also perfect for stairway’s steps that are in high-traffic areas of a home. If you have a large family with a lot of children who walk into a home wearing muddy boots, then consider having an area dedicated to storing footwear. Often referred to as a mudroom, this area is frequently located near a garage door entrance way or the back door of a home.

Have Waterproofing Chemicals Applied to Carpets

Spills and stains will occur in other high-traffic areas of a home such as a dining or family room where everyone consumes food or drinks beverages. You can prepare ahead for accidents by keeping absorbent cloths or paper towels ready at all times to dab at stains and spills quickly. For additional protection from nasty stains and ugly spills, contact a professional carpet-cleaning company to apply a waterproof repellent chemical to a carpet’s fibers. These protective substances also help to repel dry debris and food particles along with pet spills to keep a carpet looking spotless.

Hire Experts to Shampoo High-Traffic Carpet Areas

In addition to protective measures for your home’s wall-to-wall carpets, you can hire expert carpet-cleaning technicians to shampoo high-traffic areas in a home such as living rooms or hallways rather than an entire building. Having the high-traffic areas of carpets sanitized more frequently by professionals can help the entire wall-to-wall carpet look better and last longer.  For further information check out the Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA website.